Diaper Bank Donation Form

Please consider making a donation earmarked for the purchase of diapers and wipes.


“Diaper deprivation” is a very serious problem affecting 1 in 3 American mothers, according to a recent study sponsored by Huggies.  Without an ample supply of diapers, babies wear used diapers or wear a diaper for too long.  These habits lead to poor health from infections, emotional struggles due to discomfort (babies), missing ritual/bonding time (mothers and babies), distress from tough choices (pay bills or buy diapers; miss work due to lack of diapers for daycare).  Public assistance doesn’t cover the purchase of diapers.

Further, a recent study by Yale University has found that babies who wear soiled diapers for too long risk dermatological infections as well as urinary tract infections.  Uncomfortable and fussy babies can cause stress in the adult caregiver, leading to unhealthy conditions.

Please spread the word about this silent epidemic!

For more information contact jlcwdonatediapers@gmail.com or call  (914) 723-6130.