Membership FAQ

Who may apply for membership?
Women (twenty one years or older) who live or work in the communities we serve: Eastchester, Greenburgh, Scarsdale, White Plains and beyond.
What requirements must applicants satisfy before they are admitted as members?
Applicants or ‘”new members” (as a group) must plan for and complete a pre-selected community service project before becoming admitted as members. This project is done under the guidance of current League members. In addition, new members attend a series of training sessions designed to improve each member’s effectiveness as a community service volunteer. The training sessions and pre-selected community service project require approximately 2 to 3 months to complete.
What are the expectations of being a member entail?
Members must agree to serve on at least one committee each year. Committee needs and requirements are varied. Members are encouraged to participate in two community projects and one fundraiser, for example by completeing a volunteer shift or by helping  with a task before the event.  Membership meetings take place typically on the 3rd Tuesday of each month (September – May) from 7:30 pm to approximately 9:30 pmn. Attendance at 5 out of the 9 the meetings is expected. Members are also encouraged to support the League financially by attending League-sponsored fundraisers, making monetary donations, and/or donating goods or services. Members are required to pay annual dues. 
Can I work full time and still have time for membership?
A large percentage of the JLCW’s membership have full-time careers. Many others are involved in additional community service activities. We recognize that project opportunities must be varied and flexible in order to accommodate the diverse needs of our membership.
Must I know a current member in order to join?
No. It is hoped, however, that membership in the JLCW will lead to lasting friendships with other women that share an interest in community service.


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